sobota, oktober 29, 2005

Paris: karta zvočne polucije

The city of Paris has put together an interactive map (click on the link under the “Les cartes” heading on the right side of the page) that displays noise levels in the city. A colour ramp displays the different noise levels and the maps are viewable in 2-D or 3-D formats. For those not familar with the city, the 2-D format is probably the easier to navigate. A key map in the top left corner is also clickable and draws up the main map for the location selected.There are also a couple of drop-down boxes that enables searching by feature type or place name. Noise levels for either the day or the night can be displayed either singly or both at the same time. A statistics page that is clear and easy to read provides comparisons of noise levels for different arrondisments and for the city as a whole. An impressive, attractive and useful site available in French, English and Spanish.
PS v primeru da niste preveč vešči v francoščini oz. preklopite v angleščino in ne najdete originlne strani vam svetujem, da pobarate Google za avtomataski prevod strani